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We are Changsha Xiangchu Textile Co., LTD. We used to be "Changsha Xiangchu Silk Co., LTD". As our products range expand to  many non-silk textile products. We think it is misleading to still use "Silk" in our company's name. So we change our name to "Textile".

Here are our business licenses: license1license2, license3, license4, license5, license6,license7.

Changsha Xiangchu Textile Co., LTD is a privately-held enterprise by Mr.Zuo Yu. Here is a image of Mr.Zuo.

We deal mainly with business or organizations. Compared with other big Chinese manufacturers or wholesalers, we are much more flexible, our minimum requirements for wholesale order are much lower and we are open to negotiate any terms of wholesale order. For individual customers, if you don't mind the high shipping cost, we could also accept orders directly from you.

We deal in these products: Scarf, Silk garments, Silk fabrics, Embroidery and embroidery threads. Each product has 2 images and a price listed in this web site. The links are below.


We have stopped updating prices listed within this web site. Please contact us for current prices. Very sorry for the inconvenience.


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Our address:
Changsha Xiangchu Textile Co., LTD
Fu Lu Shan Zhuang,Suite 3-104
No.576 Shao Shan South Road
Changsha Hunan 410004

We can answer your telephone calls in English and Chinese, from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., 7 days a week.
Tel:  86 189 0731 0020
Fax:  86 731 85683388

Contact:Mr.Zuo Yu

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