Comments from our customers

Only recently, it occurred to us that we need to put up such a page to show comments from our customers, there are too much praises in these comments. However,very unfortunately, during these years of doing business, we have not saved customer's emails for this particular purpose. Following comments are from recent emails currently in our computer. Also some wholesale customers have explicitly said that they don't want others to know the supplier of their products. We understand the reason behind this. So we don't include those comments from our wholesale customers. It is understandable that to become our wholesale customers who placing orders with us frequently, they must be satisfied with our products and service. The following are the comments from our customers:
hello there...this is to let you know that we received the material

today...thank you so much...My wife loves it so much I am

sure we will be placing another order soon...:-)

martin Canada


Mr.Zuo Yu,

I found your website today while researching Changsha.

We adopted our oldest daughter from the welfare

institute in Changsha in June of 1999. While we were

in Changsha, we toured your factory. I still haven't

gotten over the many beautiful scarves that we seen and

purchased there. Every day I'm able to enjoy the

items we purchased and remember fondly our trip there.

Thank You very much.

Jeff USA


Dear Mr. Zuo,

The package of silk shawls arrived just fine, last Monday. Thank you!

-Ellen USA


Dear Mr. Zuo,

Thank you for sending me the two shawls, although they are different from the pictures on your web pages ( I have ordered the number 6 (is red) and the number 9 (it has not birds). Your factory work very well, but I am afraid you use a silk too thin or transparent, and people in Spain want gross. I think your use a fabric of 60 grams of silk for square meter and we use 70 or 80. Could you use a grosser silk?

Best regards,

AFR Spain



We received your fabric. It is very beautiful and we look forward to using it in our new home.

Thank you . It has been a pleasure doing business with you.


Iris USA


I received the package today! The fabrics are pretty. I'll be making a new

order in November.

Thank you!

Suzi USA


Dear Mr. Zuo -

Just to let you know - the package from your office arrived this afternoon.

Thank you. Everything looks really nice. specially the shawls

with the fringes - the three layered ones. And best color in that is

the dark blue with the silver fringes.

Now, I will be waiting till you have my new check and when all is

settled on this order - we will work on the next one.

Greetings from Johanna USA


Dear Mr. Zuo,

A few years ago (September 2002) my husband, Pascal Magnus, ordered some

brocade handbags with feather trims. They still look very beautiful.

We are thinking about ordering some more pouch bags. Would it be possible

to send us a sample of your brocade fabric Nr B234: Plum and blossom, color

coffee ultra dark. If possible maybe also a few samples of brown brocades.

Thanking you very much in advance, with kind regards,

Ingrid Dhondt.



How are you! Dear Mr. Zuo Yu!

We just overthink a new order for silk-scarves -

scarf item No.08,- - we already ordered from you 2 years ago. They are very popular among our customers.

Do you have this scarf on stock?

If yes - please advice - in which colors you can deliver immediately.

(Maybe you can send a picture, where we can see the colors for our choice.)

Looking forward to your answer by return.

Thanks and best regards,


Vienna Austria/Europe


Mr. Zuo;

The shipment was received last week (I was out of town and didn't see it

until this week). The silk robes are beautiful, and my wife really

appreciated them. Thank you.

By the way, I am pretty sure this next item is out of my price range for

now, but am interested in an approximate price so I will know when I can

afford it. I really like the two-sided precious embroidery (specifically

the lion w/cubs or the tiger). What are the dimensions (height & width),

and the approximate price? Thank you for your time.

Doug USA


Hi Mr. Zuo,

I have received the fabric; thank you very much. The fabric is wonderful

and the colours are lovely, especially the black brocade which is just

perfect for my needs! I will have to manufacture my sashes and sell them

before I repeat my order, but please be aware that I will be doing business

with you in the not too distant future.

I have an enquiry... could you supply me with shade cards and/or samples of

fabric from you entire range... I would be happy to pay the costs you incur

in sending me these samples, although I would appreciate a quote before you

send me anything! Please let me know how much this is going to cost and I

will credit the same account as before, after you have sent the quote. I

ask because some of the fabrics are slightly different colours from the

photographs on your website. This isn't a problem at all, but the shade

cards and samples are going to be essential for me to pickout the correct

fabric matches for future products I make...

Once again, thank you for providing such good quality fabrics; I am very

happy with them.

Best wishes

Joanne United Kingdom


Ni Hai,

I have received the scarves. They are beautiful! They are very nice quality and beautiful colors and designs. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. My next order will probably include some of your other items as well. Your service has been very very good, and I appreciate the excellent communication as well.

Thank you so very much.


Merry USA


I have received the pajama

thank you very much!

Jose USA



Today I got my packet . I'm really very pleased the fabrics is

so beautiful.

I will return to make a new order soon.

I would like to know the colors of the silk satin , crepe de chine and


thank you

Yours sincerely

Monica Bradm Sweden


Thank you for the beautiful brocades.

They arrived today.

LillianJ Norway


We received the fabric today, and it's absolutely stunning! Thank you so much! My husband is going to use some of it to cover a guestbook for a wedding for a very dear friend of ours, and he said if they don't fall in love with it he's going to keep it instead.

Thank you also for being so quick with the delivery. The wedding is in two weeks, and now we'll still have plenty of time to make the book!

Jeanette USA

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