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  Our embroidery products are totally hand-embroidered by our embroiderers using our OWN pure silk threads. For single-sided embroidery,it means only one side has embroidery on it.The other side should be concealed into the frame as it only shows many tangled silk threads.For double-sided embroidery,it means two sides all have embroidery on it. All the ends and joints of silk threads are concealed during the embroidering process.In ordinary cases, the two embroideries are same,in some rare cases,the two embroideries are different.All these are fully illustrated by the linked pages below. As far as we know, Chinese double-sided embroidery has no parallel in other countries. Typically it takes a woman a month to complete a single-sided embroidery or double-sided embroidery, for other special embroideries, the time needed ranges from half a year to several years.

  All the embroideries are using our own silk threads, in many circumstances, our silk threads has been manipulated to accomplish some very delicate works. Sometimes, a silk thread is cut into a thickness as 1/10 of a hair. In other cases, a single silk thread contains several color to show the progress of the color shade. Such techniques are used more often in double-sided embroidery different in two sides . From this, you can get a idea why it takes so long to complete such a embroidery.

  Single-sided embroidery will be sold unframed. If you want it to be framed by us, additional charges including additional shipping charges will be applied. Double-sided embroidery will always be sold framed.

  As you browse through our embroidery products, you may notice that some embroideries have no price attached to them. We think these embroideries should not be regarded as ordinary commercial products, they should be regarded as works of art. Some are indeed very precious. The time needed to accomplish one ranges from half a year to several years. Only a few highly-esteemed embroidery masters in this province can do this work. We are proud to say that they represent the highest skill level in Chinese embroidery which has a history of more than 2000 years.

  We also provide custom embroidery for any clothing apparel, scarves, shawls, handbags, purses, stripes, etc.  Please contact us for detail.
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