Brocade and silk fabrics

  We only provide pure silk fabrics and brocade fabrics. Pure silk fabrics include crepe de chine, heavy georgette,  silk satin, etc.  We also accept custom orders for products made from brocade fabrics such as brocade handbags, brocade scarves, brocade garments, etc.

 Brocade fabrics have been used in the production of garments, handbags, scarves, purses, small handbag accessories, curtains, slippers and shoes. It has also been used as covers for many products.  Pure silk fabrics have mainly been used in the production of silk scarves, shawls, women's garments, especially summer and evening dress, underwear and bridal wear.

 We stock many brocade fabrics. The content of our brocade fabrics are 100% synthetic fabrics. At any given time, we ordinarily have nearly 100 different designs on hand in our warehouse for immediate shipment. They are all popular (and many traditional) Chinese fabric designs. Most designs come in several colors. They are also carefully chosen to suit the current Chinese fabric fashion. However, since these colors don't change very often, usually they are carmine red, rose red, black, golden yellow, sea blue, lake blue, coffee, green, pink, silver. Designs do change often. New designs are created and posted here frequently. Please check back often to see our latest offerings!

 If you like any particular design, but can't find your favorite color, we can custom dye it for you. It takes 1 to 2 weeks. In this case, the minimum order is 100 meters to 200 meters per design/color (according to whether your custom color is rare or not.). The color can be any kind of color as long as you can provide a clear color sample. The custom options listed above only apply to our brocade fabrics.

 The width for most brocade fabrics is 1 yard. The width for pure silk fabrics vary for different kinds.

Fabrics catalog

Brocade Fabrics
Dragon and phoenix pattern
Plum pattern
Chrysanthemum pattern
Other flower patterns
Other patterns
Qi pao fabric
Plain color brocade fabric
Price for brocade fabrics: (for the time being, minimum order is 30 meters.)
  30-99 meters:  USD6.00/meter
  100+  meters:  USD5.00/meter
Note: Quantities listed above refer to total meters within one order,  it can be combination of different designs or colors.
Silk Fabrics
Silk satin
Silk satin (stretch)
Silk velvet( background silk only)
Crepe de chine
Heavy georgette
Plain color silk fabric
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