Brocade fabric (chrysanthemum)

chinese brocade fabric with red chrysanthemum design No.b240 - chrysanthemum (Color: carmine red.)
No.b241 - chrysanthemum (Color: sapphire dark.)
chinese brocade fabric with navy chrysanthemum design No.b242 - chrysanthemum (Color: navy blue.)
chinese brocade fabric with ocean blue chrysanthemum design No.b244 - chrysanthemum (Color: teal medium dark.)
Other available colors: black, carmine rose dark.
No.b245 - chrysanthemum (Color: cobalt blue very dark.)
chinese brocade fabric with silver chrysanthemum design No.b292 - chrysanthemum (Color: silver.)
Other available colors: black.
No.b308 - chrysanthemum (Color: carmine red.)
No.b293 - chrysanthemum (Color: black.)
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