Qi pao fabric

  This last brocade fabric is special in the sense that the design is created specifically for a unit with the size of  2 meters x 1.14 meters.  The design is large, as can be seen from the first image below which shows 1 full unit. We call such brocade fabric as "Qi pao fabric". In China, it is used to produce a kind of Chinese women dress - Qi Pao. Qi-pao can be produced using other ordinary brocade fabrics for women's everyday wearing. However if produced using the fabric listed here, they are usually for special event or location. For example, they are usually for Chinese bride garments during Chinese wedding ceremony, for waitress dress of big hotel,  for the dress of greeting lady at special event ceremony, etc.
  Unlike our other brocade fabrics, this fabric only makes sense when used as a whole. For example, when producing Qi-pao. The design is cut into two parts, the left side is used for the garment front and the right side is for the back of the garment. It makes no sense to cut them into small pieces to produce such things as handbags, boxes, shoes, scarves and other small crafts.  (These products can be produced using our other brocade fabrics.) Besides garment production, they can also be used in decoration such as curtain or wall hanging, etc.
  Currently we have only 1 design available for such fabric. It is listed below. One side is a big phoenix and several flowers, the other side is several big flowers. The first image is about the full design, other images are of parts of this same design. We have several color options.
  "Qi pao fabric" is sold in terms of unit. The size of 1 unit is 2 meters x 1.14 meters. They are cut off automatically when come off machine. The fabric is same as other brocade fabrics. We don't provide sample for this particular fabric, because the whole unit won't be salable if a small piece is cut off.
Size: 2 meters x 1.14 meters (2.22 yards x 1.26 yards).
Price: USD32.00 per unit.
Color: carmine red, pink, grey, cinnamon ultra light.
Full design.
Design part 1
Design part 2
Design part 3
Design part 4
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