Hand-embroidered quilt cover

These quilt covers are equivalent to single-sided embroideries in that they are simply silk satin with hand-embroidered designs on one side. So you can see there are many works needs to be done before being used as real quilt cover to contain filler. In China, they are sewed up with a quilt sheet (usually white cotton fabric) to make a blanket, or the quilt cover can be connected with quilt sheet using buttons or zipper. The two can be separated, so the quilt sheet can be washed frequently.  (Here is a example.) This work can be done by us for you, however there will be additional charges involved.  The additional charges vary upon whther you choose cotton quilt sheet or silk satin quilt sheet. The prices listed below don't include this charges. Also our customers have found other usage for such embroidered quilt covers, for example as tablecloth. For each design listed below, there are several color options to choose from, including white, blue, red, yellow, green, pink, ivory. 

Size: 185x140 cm (73 x 56 inches)
Price1: USD1050.00 per quilt-cover for quilt 02, 03, 04, 07, 10, 16.
Price2: USD785.00 per quilt-cover for other quilt covers.
embroidery quilt, carmine redNo.q01 (Dragon and phoenix)
embroidery quilt, goldenNo.q02 (One hundred fish)
No.q03 (One hundred flower)
embroidery quilt, light yellowNo.q04 (One hundred kids)
No.q07 (One hundred birds)
No.q08 (A couple of mandarin ducks)
No.q10 (One hundred butterflies)
No.q11 (Ten cats)
No.q12 (Ten pandas)
No.q13 (Horses)
embroidery quilt, blueNo.q14 (Five dragons)
No.q15 (Five peacocks)
embroidery quilt, whiteNo.q16 (One hundred rabbits)
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