Pashmina shawls and scarves

All the pashmina scarves and shawls below are of 100% pashmina. We can also produce solid color pashmina scarves or shawls (without any designs).

Water-melted pashmina shawl:
Size: 183 x 63 cm
Price:  USD70.00

1425.jpg (146437 bytes) No.1425 The pashmina story
1426.jpg (154715 bytes) No.1426 The word of "Pashmina" comes from Persian language. It means wool.
1427.jpg (153732 bytes) No.1427 Some also call it cashmere, or Kashmir.
Originally they refer to the under-fur of Himalayan mountain goats.
1428.jpg (151164 bytes) No.1428 It yields 3-8 ounces of fiber per year.
The Tibetan Plateau is most suitable for pashmina growth.
1429.jpg (149712 bytes) No.1429 The fiber is exceptionally absorbent and it dyes very easily and deeply.They are very soft, warm and can be used for a long time.
1430.jpg (156732 bytes) No.1430 Of course, with so many pashmina shawls in the market,
they can't be all produced from Himalayan mountain goats. But they share the same features.
1431.jpg (147020 bytes) No.1431 Care for the pashmina
1432.jpg (153418 bytes) No.1432 Pashmina gets softer with frequent use, cleaning pashmina is easy.Washing it in cold or warm water using mild, natural soap or shampoo.
1433.jpg (156294 bytes) No.1433 Rinse until water runs clear and then drip dry only, away from direct sunlight.Do not wring or twist. If needs pressing, iron over a damp cloth.
1434.jpg (157679 bytes) No.1434 It is better not to dry-cleaning pashmina, the chemicals used in the long run can affect it.

Hand painted pashmina shawl:
Size: 170 x 65 cm
Price:  USD19.00

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1440.jpg (52313 bytes) No.1440
1441.jpg (56404 bytes) No.1441
1442.jpg (54297 bytes) No.1442
1443.jpg (46094 bytes) No.1443
1444.jpg (51017 bytes) No.1444
1445.jpg (53756 bytes) No.1445
1446.jpg (52248 bytes) No.1446
1447.jpg (49194 bytes) No.1447
1448.jpg (52997 bytes) No.1448
1449.jpg (50480 bytes) No.1449
1450.jpg (46207 bytes) No.1450
1451.jpg (40723 bytes) No.1451
1452.jpg (81357 bytes) No.1452
1453.jpg (41573 bytes) No.1453
1454.jpg (109109 bytes) No.1454
1455.jpg (99810 bytes) No.1455
1456.jpg (56411 bytes) No.1456

Printed long pashmina shawl:
Size: 175 x 65 cm
Price:  USD20.00

pashmina shawl No.01
pashmina shawl 02 No.02
pashmina shawl 03 No.03
pashmina shawl 04 No.04
pashmina shawl 05 No.05
pashmina shawl 06 No.06
pashmina shawl 07 No.07
pashmina shawl 08 No.08
pashmina shawl 09 No.09
pashmina shawl 10 No.10
1230-134.jpg (153617 bytes) No.1230
1231.jpg (157798 bytes) No.1231
1232-27.jpg (154642 bytes) No.1232
1233-48.jpg (155340 bytes) No.1233
1234-104.jpg (149635 bytes) No.1234
1235-46.jpg (154797 bytes) No.1235
1236-30.jpg (147091 bytes) No.1236
1237-18.jpg (155486 bytes) No.1237
1242.jpg (153540 bytes) No.1242
1299.jpg (150341 bytes) No.1299
1300.jpg (150443 bytes) No.1300
1301.jpg (155711 bytes) No.1301
1302.jpg (152723 bytes) No.1302
1303.jpg (155383 bytes) No.1303
1304.jpg (147728 bytes) No.1304
1305.jpg (154079 bytes) No.1305
1306.jpg (155989 bytes) No.1306
1307.jpg (153973 bytes) No.1307
1308.jpg (159388 bytes) No.1308
1309.jpg (154862 bytes) No.1309
1395.jpg (153077 bytes) No.1395
1396.jpg (156255 bytes) No.1396
1398.jpg (152135 bytes) No.1398
1399.jpg (155377 bytes) No.1399

Pashmina shawls with golden threads:
Size: 170 x 65 cm
Price: USD30.00

1375.jpg (149940 bytes) No.1375
1376.jpg (160162 bytes) No.1376
1377.jpg (158282 bytes) No.1377
1378.jpg (154232 bytes) No.1378
1379.jpg (157382 bytes) No.1379
1380.jpg (151026 bytes) No.1380
1381.jpg (155561 bytes) No.1381
1382.jpg (150881 bytes) No.1382
1435.jpg (155108 bytes) No.1435
1436.jpg (158580 bytes) No.1436
1437.jpg (158521 bytes) No.1437
1438.jpg (151842 bytes) No.1438

Pashmina shawls twill:
Size: 175 x 70 cm
Price:  USD33.00

1383.jpg (159428 bytes) No.1383
1384.jpg (150637 bytes) No.1384
1385.jpg (155722 bytes) No.1385
1386.jpg (154378 bytes) No.1386
1387.jpg (147854 bytes) No.1387
1388.jpg (154571 bytes) No.1388

Printed long oilpainting pashmina shawl:
Size: 175 x 65 cm

1333.jpg (156913 bytes) No.1333
1334.jpg (142974 bytes) No.1334
1335.jpg (153989 bytes) No.1335
1336.jpg (155535 bytes) No.1336
1337.jpg (149198 bytes) No.1337
1338.jpg (152466 bytes) No.1338
1339.jpg (144073 bytes) No.1339
1340.jpg (144694 bytes) No.1340
1341.jpg (149476 bytes) No.1341
1238.jpg (153934 bytes) No.1238
1239.jpg (153030 bytes) No.1239
1240.jpg (153540 bytes) No.1240
1389.jpg (139730 bytes) No.1389
1390.jpg (148105 bytes) No.1390
1391.jpg (153272 bytes) No.1391
1392.jpg (157165 bytes) No.1392
1393.jpg (154644 bytes) No.1393
1394.jpg (151466 bytes) No.1394

Printed long pashmina shawl
Size: 180 x 57 cm
Price: USD15.00

1310.jpg (150298 bytes) No.1310
1311.jpg (151425 bytes) No.1311
1312.jpg (154130 bytes) No.1312
1313.jpg (154960 bytes) No.1313
1314.jpg (155782 bytes) No.1314
1315.jpg (158528 bytes) No.1315
1316.jpg (155881 bytes) No.1316
1317.jpg (158480 bytes) No.1317
1318.jpg (151583 bytes) No.1318
1319.jpg (154414 bytes) No.1319
1320.jpg (152905 bytes) No.1320
1321.jpg (146545 bytes) No.1321
1322.jpg (155749 bytes) No.1322
1323.jpg (154027 bytes) No.1323
1324.jpg (148040 bytes) No.1324
1325.jpg (153141 bytes) No.1325
1326.jpg (152000 bytes) No.1326
1327.jpg (146553 bytes) No.1327
1328.jpg (155236 bytes) No.1328
1329.jpg (153205 bytes) No.1329
1330.jpg (154379 bytes) No.1330
1331.jpg (153832 bytes) No.1331
1332.jpg (151139 bytes) No.1332

Non-printed pashmina shawls

1241.jpg (155582 bytes) No.1241 (embroidered)
Size: 192 x 75 cm
Price: USD45.00
1243.jpg (161732 bytes) No.1243 (embroidered)
Size: 170 x 65 cm
Price:  USD38.00
1244.jpg (160744 bytes) No.1244 (embroidered)
Size: 170 x 65 cm
Price: USD38.00
1245.jpg (152482 bytes) No.1245 (embroidered)
Size: 170 x 65 cm
Price: USD38.00
1246.jpg (153098 bytes) No.1246 (embroidered)
Size: 170 x 65 cm
Price: USD38.00
1247.jpg (151595 bytes) No.1247
Size: 140 x140 cm
Price: USD65.00
1248.jpg (143678 bytes) No.1248
Size: 140 x 140 cm
Price: USD65.00
1268.jpg (155397 bytes) No.1268
Size: 114 x 114 cm
Price: USD33.00
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