Batik scarves (silk and wool)

Scarves listed below are Chinese version of batik scarves. Actually in some rural areas, there is a very long history of batik scarves,  not copying methods used by foreign countries. Please notice some has embroidery designs on it.
Size:  137 x 40 cm 
Fabrics: silk georgette, with fringe.
Price:  USD17.00
dyed scarves No.1064
scarf 1065 No.1065
scarf 1066 No.1066
scarf 1067 No.1067
scarf 1068 No.1068
scarf 1069 No.1069
scarf 1070 No.1070
scarf 1071 No.1071
scarf 1072 No.1072
scarf 1073 No.1073
1269-16.jpg (144295 bytes) No.1269
1270-9.jpg (158154 bytes) No.1270
1271-5.jpg (143247 bytes) No.1271
1272-3.jpg (154661 bytes) No.1272
1273-1.jpg (157804 bytes) No.1273

Fabrics: silk velvet
Size:  165 x 55 cm
Price:  USD36.00

1274.jpg (159241 bytes) No.1274
1275.jpg (155242 bytes) No.1275
1276.jpg (155151 bytes) No.1276
1277.jpg (157122 bytes) No.1277
1278.jpg (154696 bytes) No.1278
1279.jpg (157655 bytes) No.1279

Fabrics: burnt out silk georgette
Size: 165 x 53 cm
Price: USD33.00

1289.jpg (156989 bytes) No.1289
1290.jpg (155328 bytes) No.1290
1291.jpg (156003 bytes) No.1291

Fabrics: 100% wool
Size: 155 x 35 cm
Price:  USD22.00

1362.jpg (158141 bytes) No.1362
1363.jpg (153470 bytes) No.1363
1364.jpg (151060 bytes) No.1364
1365.jpg (153153 bytes) No.1365
1366.jpg (159301 bytes) No.1366
1367.jpg (158238 bytes) No.1367
1368.jpg (151114 bytes) No.1368
1369.jpg (147553 bytes) No.1369
1370.jpg (156061 bytes) No.1370
1372.jpg (149497 bytes) No.1372
1373.jpg (161970 bytes) No.1373
1374.jpg (148720 bytes) No.1374
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