Hand-painted silk scarves  (Chinese painting style)

These scarves are called "Chinese national painting scarf". This refers to a painting style. And here this style have been transferred on scarves. (So ordinary scarf painters can't do it.) All the scarves  are white scarves. We have other designs not listed here, but not other colors in this category.
Fabrics: satin (with fringe)
Size:  160 x 38 cm
Price:  USD29.00
silk scarf with Chinese painting design No.24001
scarves, hand-painted No.24002
scarf 24003 No.24003
scarf 24004 No.24004
scarf 24005 No.24005
scarf 24006 No.24006
scarf 24007 No.24007
scarf 24008 No.24008
scarf 24009 No.24009
scarf 24010 No.24010
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