Precious silk arts

  This is a silk long-scroll painting. The design is digitally printed on a silk satin. The length is 4.2 meters. The width is 0.25 meters. As it is too long, it can't be covered in a single image. Here are 6 images to show 1 painting: image1, image2,image3,image4,image5,images6. The retail price is USD855.00.


Embroideries listed below are very precious.. It costs a embroiderer 1 full year to complete such a embroidery. Only a few embroiderers in hunan province can do this work.

Double-sided embroidery different on 2 sides:
The 2 images listed below are of same embroidery. Each side is different from the other side. The name of this embroidery is "Full Moon".
embroidery, fullmoon embroidery, fullmoon1
The 2 single-sided embroideries listed below are also precious embroideries because of focusing on every possible detail. Many traditional hunan embroidery skills has been used to the utmost extend.

Silk pajamas Embroidery and threads
Silk scarves Brocade and silk fabrics

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