Silk threads

  We manufacture silk threads, dyed or undyed. They are 100% pure silk, 3A grade.  We don't have dyed silk threads in stock except some samples.  Price list below are for dyed silk threads.  As you can see, the price are based on quantity, so we usually serve wholesale customers.

  Currently we have 4 different sizes of silk threads in stock. They are ready to be dyed. These are custom made for an American company. They placed a huge order, but can't order it out. So we have to sell them out ourselves. Their sizes range from thin to thick. Size 3 is thickest, size 12 is thinnest. They are all single filament, only 1 single thread without any manipulations. Each size has 5 to 10 kilograms. Totally we have about 30 kilograms for such silk threads. Ordering these silk threads don't require minimum quantity. You could order any quantity, but color minimum still requires, 1/4 kilogram per color. The price is USD280.00 per kilogram. This price includes dyeing cost. Also we have another 2 different silk threads for Chinese domestically market. But these change from time to time. Sometimes we have, sometimes we don't. Please contact us for detail. Prices also change.

  We accept custom orders for silk threads and have already done so for many years. Our customers come from United States, United Kingdom, Russia, South African, Japan, etc. Some want more thicker or thinner threads,  others want silk threads packaged in a particular way, and sometimes a label with customer's information needs to be attached to each skein.  Some are tightly twisted, some are flat silk, etc.We need to see your sample before we can determine whether we can do it.
The price list below only covers silk threads cost includes dyeing cost, you may expect additional costs if you require labels, special packing demands etc.

For custom threads, we need first to produce them before start dyeing them, so the processing time needed is longer than silk threads in our stock (ready to be dyed).  No matter how different your custom threads are, the price are always based on quantity. For example, price is same whether you order thicker or thinner threads, etc.

10 - 19 kilograms: USD325.00 per kilogram
20 - 29 kilograms: USD315.00  per kilogram
30 - 49 kilograms: USD285.00  per kilogram
50 kilograms plus: USD270.00  per kilogram

  We are very good at color. Our color sample includes 470 different color. We can also dye silk thread according exactly to color samples provided by customers. You can require as many different color as you like in one order. For every color, the minimum order is 1/4 kilograms.

  Regarding color, 1 thing is important. We can promise same color for your repeat order even the intervening time is very long. (Some ordered 1 year or several years later.) What it means here is: if you assign a particular number to a particular color in your sample colors, if you quote this color number again in your repeat order(s). We can promise the color in your repeat order(s) are same color.

All theses images below are scanned from our standard color card.  Each color below are made of dyed silk threads. Although we have tried very hard to make them match exactly the original color card,there are still some discrepancies. If you quote the color numbers below as your selected color , we assume you know these are only approximate representations of the real color.

We are very sorry we can't provide any kind of color samples unless you visit us physically. We don't have dyed silk threads in stock for sale. Our color cards are not for sale. We are very sorry for this limitations. But if you could visit us physically, we can show you all the 470 colors in our color cards and many dyed silk threads we have done for other customers. The quantity is nearly 1 thousand threads, each in 1 color. But these are not for sale, only to show you our dyeing abilities.

  We recommend customers give us their color sample if they want exact match. You can be quite assured that the color of our finished silk threads will match exactly with your color sample.

color card 1 for silk thread
color card 2 for silk thread silk threads color
silk embroidery threads color
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